How to Install the XRAY Texture Pack for Minecraft

What will you learn?

In this step by step guide you will learn how to download and install the Xray texture pack or also known as Xray Resource Pack for Minecraft.

We only use Xray in our local games and for research and guide making purpose, we do not recommend you use this in public servers unless the server allows it as some people might not like the advantage that the Xray pack might provide you.


Step 1

Click the button labeled as Download Xray which will allow us to download the Zip file for this pack.

Step 2

In here select the desired version of the Xray Resource Pack, for this tutorial we will be using 1.19, then click Download.

Step 3

This will redirect you to a website where in five seconds the download for this file will start automatically for the Zip file of the resource pack.

Step 4

Now launch Minecraft back up and click the Options menu

Step 5

In here click the button labeled as Resource Packs…

Step 6

Look for a button labeled as Open Pack Folder and click it.

Step 7

Now a folder will pop up, drag and drop the Zip file we obtained in step 3 and then close the folder and go back to Minecraft.

Step 8

You will now see the Xray Ultimate appear in the Available section for your Resource Packs, go ahead and click the little arrow that appears when you hover over it.

Step 9

Once the Xray Ultimate Resource pack moved to the Selected section in the right side, go ahead and click Done.

Step 10

Now go back to the game and enjoy the Xray, if you want to see the ores with NightVision you are going to learn OptiFine.

Learn how to install OptiFine by clicking here!


You are now ready to enjoy the Xray texture/resource pack in Minecraft.

Use this wisely and like we mentioned earlier we only recommend you use it for personal use or only in public servers that allow it.

We are not responsible if you use this texture pack without authorization and it results in any type of Ban from a server.

If you have any questions regarding how to download and install Xray for Minecraft let us know down below in the comment section.

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