How to Download and Install OptiFine

What will you learn?

In this step by step guide you will learn how to download and install OptiFine in your PC in order to make Minecraft not just look better, but also run better.

OptiFine will allow you to access some hidden settings like changing more in depth graphics customizations allowing to increase your FPS and also allowing you to add shaders to Minecraft.

Keep in mind that any OptiFine you install must matched your most recently opened Minecraft version. Also any OptiFine above 1.16.5 will require Java 18 and any version below 1.16.5 will require Java 8.


Step 1

Click the button on the right labeled as Download Optifine Here to redirect you to the Optifine download website.

Step 2

Select the Download button for the most recent version of Optifine, if you are downloading an older version then just select “Show all versions”

Optifine website

Step 3

Clicking download will redirect you to another website where after five seconds a button labeled as skip will appear in the top left, go ahead and wait and click this button.

Skip button in the top right

Step 4

Now you are finally to start the download by clicking download in the OptiFine website.

Download button for Optifine

Step 5

After you click download you should now see the OptiFine jar file downloading somewhere in your browser. You should be able to find this file in the downloads folder after is fully downloaded.

OptiFine Jar File

Step 6

Now double click the jar file to start the installation process for OptiFine. Keep in mind that if you are installing any OptiFine version above 1.16.5 you will need Java 18 in your PC.

OptiFine Installer

Step 7

After you installed OptiFine you will get this sign saying that the installation was completed.

Successful OptiFine Installation

Step 8

Now you can open your Minecraft Launcher and if the installation was done properly you should see OptiFine selected automatically in the bottom left.

Minecraft Launcher with OptFine


If you follow this tutorial step by step then you should now have OptiFine installed in your computer.

You are now ready to start enjoying all the OptiFine benefits like increasing your FPS or adding Shaders to make the game look much better.

If we were able to help you let us know in the comment section.