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Who are we?

We are a group of friends who decided to start teaching tutorials online, and have now created dozens if not hundreds of tutorials between our YouTube Channels and our Website. We know the struggle of installing mods and getting them working properly, that is the reason we started this website to help out gamers out there like us.

How it started

Our first tutorial started as a joke, one of us needed help making a Minecraft farm, so one of our members decided to teach him by making an online guide, to our surprise this guide reached more people and they seemed to like it. Due to the engagement shown by the community we made it our mission to keep making online guides and keep helping the people who need the help.

itzCuba Tutorials

This is also the name of our main English YouTube channel where we have multiple tutorials, either for Minecraft, Farming Simulator or even The Sims. We want to offer you the highest variety when it comes to solving problems.

itzCuba ESP

This is our Spanish YouTube channel where we offer videos to our spanish audience. We teach how to install mods for multiple games and how to fix any issues you might find along the way.