How to Download & Install the Ore Excavation mod for Minecraft

Ore Excavation similar to VeinMiner

Mod Overview

Are you tired of mining each block individually in Minecraft? The Ore Excavation mod, similar to the VeinMiner mod, is here to revolutionize your gameplay!

This mod allows players to mine entire veins of ore, cut down whole trees, and perform tool-based actions in one go. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Minecraft mods,

Ore Excavation simplifies resource gathering and enhances your gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to download and install the Ore Excavation mod, making it easy to enjoy its powerful features. Get ready to streamline your mining adventures and make the most out of your Minecraft world!

How to Download the Ore Excavation Mod for Minecraft

Downloading the Ore Excavation mod should be easy, let us begin.

  1. Choose the platform we are downloading the mod from, either Modrinth or Curseforge, they are both safe and trusted by the community.
  1. If using Modrinth, click download for your desired version. If using CurseForge, click the three dots next to your desired version and click download file. Always make sure to select the proper mod loader, either Forge, Fabric, or NeoForge.

How to Install the Ore Excavation Mod for Minecraft

Installing the Ore Excavation mod should be simple. Let’s begin!

  1. After we download the mod in the step above, launch your Minecraft Launcher.
  2. Head over to the installations tab, find your mod loader instance, and click on the folder button next to the Play option.
  3. Next, find (or create) the mods’ folder and drop the Dungeon Now Loading 1% mod.
Folder Icon from Step 2
Mods Folder from Step 3

It is always important to ensure your mod instance and mod version match your mod loader instance and version.

Ore Excavation Mod FAQ

Is the Ore Excavation mod allowed in mod packs?

Indeed, you can use the Ore Excavation mod in your mod packs as long as you adhere to Minecraft’s EULA. Check the mod’s permissions section for any specific usage restrictions.

Will the Ore Excavation mod slow down my game?

The mod includes a built-in TPS (Ticks Per Second) guard to prevent major game slowdowns. However, excessive use of the mod’s features on very large areas may still impact performance.

Can I undo an excavation if I make a mistake?

Yes, the Ore Excavation mod includes an undo command that allows you to reverse mistakes made during excavation. This feature can be very useful for correcting errors quickly.

How do I adjust the size and speed of the excavation?

You can adjust the size and speed of the excavation in the mod’s configuration settings. This can be accessed in-game through the configuration menu, where you can set parameters such as excavation size, speed, distance, and cost.