How to Download & Install Sodium for Minecraft

In this guide, we are going to teach you how to Install Sodium.

Sodium is a Minecraft mod that boosts game performance by optimizing the rendering engine, significantly increasing FPS on all types of hardware. Designed for the Fabric mod loader, it certainly enhances gameplay efficiency without adding visual features like shaders. Ideal for players seeking smoother Minecraft experiences.

Step 1 – How to Download Sodium for Minecraft

The first step of installing Sodium, is to download it. Click the button below to be redirected to the download page for Sodium in modrinth.

Once in the modrinth page, go ahead and download the Sodium version you desire. For this guide we are going to download the most recent version, just make sure it matches your Fabric version.

You might be able to find the Sodium mod file within your Recent Download History in your browser. Additionally, you can also find the mod in your default downloads folder within your PC using your File Explorer.

Step 2 – How to Install Sodium for Minecraft

Installing Sodium for Minecraft Java is actually quite easy. After you downloaded the mod in the first step, go ahead and open your mods’ folder within your Fabric instance. Now, go ahead and add the Sodium mod into this folder.

We understand this part can be the hardest, however, here are a couple guides to help you:

You have now successfully added Sodium to Minecraft Java.

With Sodium installed, you’re now set to enjoy Minecraft with unparalleled performance. This guide aimed to simplify the installation process, ensuring you can dive back into your game with boosted FPS and smoother gameplay. Remember, Sodium is all about enhancing your Minecraft experience through efficiency, allowing for a seamless adventure across your worlds. Happy building, and explore the vast landscapes of Minecraft like never before!

Learn how to install the sodium mod for Minecraft
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