How to Play Minecraft Java with a Controller

Are you trying to play Minecraft Java with a controller?

While Minecraft Java does not have native controller support, there are third-party tools and mods, like “Controllable”, the mod that we will be downloading in this guide, that can help you use a controller with Minecraft Java Edition. While it may require some additional setup and configuration, using a controller with Minecraft Java Edition can still provide an enjoyable experience for those who prefer that input method.

What Controllers are compatible with Minecraft Java

While using the controllable mod, you have access to a wide variety of controllers in your PC.

Here is the list of controllers that you can use in Minecraft Java with controllable according to the mod creator:

Adding Compatibility for Controllers on Windows 10/11

If your controller is not listed here, you won’t need anything, as they will work out fine without extra support.

Nintendo Switch Pro and JoyCons Controllers, will need the software “BetterJoy“.

Xbox One Controllers, will need the “Xbox One Wireless Adapter

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Controllers, will need the software “DS4Windows“.

“Now let’s begin with the guide on how to use a controller on Minecraft Java.

Step 1 – How to Download & Install Forge Mod Loader

In order to add mods to Minecraft Java, we will need some sort of mods’ loader. For this guide, we will be using Forge as our mod loader, however you can also install Fabric as your mod loader, controllable also has a Fabric version. Even though we have an extensive guide on how to install Forge, we will be teaching you, briefly, how to install it in this guide.

  1. Head over to the Forge site, and select your desired version, then click “Installer”, make sure the forge version you download, matches the Minecraft version you are trying to play.
  2. Now wait five seconds, and click the button labeled as “SKIP” that appears in the top right.
  3. Now the download for the Forge installer will start.
  4. Find the file we downloaded, either inside your downloads’ folder or in your custom download folder.
  5. Make sure you have closed your Minecraft game and your Minecraft Launcher.
  6. Launch the Forge Installer by double-clicking it (Make sure you have Java updated for the installer to open).
  7. Select “Install Client” and now start the installation by clicking “OK”.
  8. After the installation for Forge finished, you will get a popup letting you know the installation was successful.
  9. You can now close the installer and continue with this guide.

Step 2 – How to Download the Controllable mod by MrCrayFish

Let’s start by clicking the button in the right, which will redirect you to the Controllable files tab in the curseforge website.

Now look for your desired version for Controllable, make sure the version you select matches your Forge Instance.

Once you found your desired version, click the three dots in the right.

Now click Download File.

Now, the download of Controllable will start after five seconds.

Next, find your downloaded file, we recommend you drop it to the desktop.

Step 3 – How to Install the Controllable mod by MrCrayFish

Now open your Minecraft launcher and click the Installations tab.

Look for the Forge instance we installed earlier, hover over it, and click the folder icon that appears next to the Play button.

Next, find a folder named “mods”, if this folder is not there for you, just create it by right-clicking and selecting New>Folder.

Within the “mods” folder, drop the controllable file we downloaded earlier.

Now you have added Controllable to Minecraft, in order to play it, just launch Forge through your Minecraft Launcher, and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions
Will using a controller affect my gameplay experience or performance?

Using a controller on Minecraft should not affect your game performance, however, we remind you that Controllable is just a mod, and Minecraft Java does not have native controller support. Therefore, certain actions might be slightly different due to the different input method.

Can I customize the controller inputs to suit my preferences?

Of course, Controllable allows you to customize the controller inputs to your liking, allowing you to map buttons and adjust sensitivity.

Are there any limitations or differences when using a controller compared to using a keyboard and mouse?

Using a controller might have slight differences, such as potentially slower cursor movement, a more noticeable input lag or fewer assignable buttons compared to a keyboard and mouse setup.

Can I use a controller for multiplayer gameplay in Minecraft Java Edition?

Yes, you can use a controller for multiplayer gameplay in Minecraft Java Edition. Other players using keyboard and mouse should be able to join the same game without issues.