How to Make a Steam Palworld Dedicated Server

Before Creating a Steam Palworld Dedicated Server

There are numerous ways of making a server for the now popular game Palworld. In this guide, we will cover the Steam way of making a server, and we will try and make it as simple as possible for you to follow along. If you believe making a server is not for you, but you still want to play Palworld with friends, we have a guide for that as well.


Here are the requirements for making a Palworld server:

  • Internet Connection
  • Port-forwarding IP
  • The Steam version of Palworld

Step 1 – How to make a Palworld Server using Steam

One of the ways to create a Palworld dedicated server is to use the Steam Palworld Dedicated Server app.

In order to install this app, open your Steam launcher.

Click on the Games and Software drop-down arrow.

Make sure that the “Tools” option is checked, if not, go ahead and check it.

Now click in the search bar and search for an application called Palworld Dedicated Server, once you found it, install it.

Select the location for installing, and then click Install.

Now launch the Palworld Dedicated Server and when the command prompt opens, close it.

Once the command prompt is closed, right-click the Palworld Dedicated Server tool, hover over Manage, and select Browse local files.

Look for a file called “DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini” and right-click and select Edit in Notepad.

Select any text, starting from [/Script/Pal.PalGameWorldSettings] and copy it.

Now follow the Path in the images below (Pal/Saved/Config/WindowsServer)

Then, once in the WindowsServer folder, look for a file called PalWorldSettings.ini and edit this file in Notepad.

Paste the text we copied to our clipboard and feel free to edit a couple of things like the server name, the admin password, etc.

Also, remember your PublicPort number, which by default will be 8211 most of the time.

Head back into Steam and launch your Palworld Dedicated Server.

You can launch it as a Dedicated Server, where only people with your IP address can join, or you can launch it as a community server, and it will show in the community tab within the game.

Step 2 – How to Join your Palworld Dedicated Server in Steam

After we created the server in the previous step, and we launched it. We are going to need our local IP address to join our own server.

Open your Command Prompt by pressing Win+R and typing cmd, then pressing the Enter Key.

In the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig” and hit Enter.

You should now see all the information about your local networth, look for a line called IPv4 Address, copy the numbers at the end, this numbers can be different for everyone in my case it is, for you, it could be something similar or completely different.

Head into Palworld once you have this number down and the server opened.

Click in Join Multiplayer Game. (This feature only works if you own the Full Game)

In the bottom you will see a Connect button, right next to it, you will find an IP address with a port at the end.

Change the IP to your local IPv4 you copied earlier, make sure to leave the port, which is the last 4 digits numbers followed by this symbol (:) it should look like this

(your IPv4 address):8211.

You can now connect to your server, if you added a password earlier when you created it, make sure to checkmark the “Enter password” option.

However, while you might be able to join your server, you still need your friends to join. For your friends to join your Steam Palworld Dedicated Server, you have to port-forward your server and IP.

Step 3 – How to Port-Forward IP address for a Palworld Dedicated Server

After we completed the previous steps, it is time to have our friends join our Palworld Dedicated Server. In order for that to be possible, we need to port-forward our server.

The first step is to paste in our browser, our local IPv4 we copied earlier. You might have to change the last number of your local IPv4 address to a 1.

In my case, my router is having me use the Spectrum app, but this might be different for everyone.

Since I assume that not everyone will have to use their phone to port-forward, I will show you a generic router example for port-forwarding.

Generally, you want to look for the Security page and find the Port-Forward option or something similar. (It will vary for every router)

Once in here, paste your Local IPv4 address in the IP Address section, add your Palworld server port (8211) to the Service/Internal/External Port section.

Make sure the Protocol is set to TCP and UDP, if you do not have the option to set them both up at the same time, you will have to do one by one. (Port-Forwarding twice)

Hit Save, or create once you have all the rules added. That is it, you have now Port-Forwarded your server.

In order for your friends to join your Palworld Dedicated Server after you Port-Forwarded it, they will have to use your Public IP, which is not the same as your local IPv4 address. Click the button below to see your Public IP.

Copy the IPv4 address and send it to your friends.

Your friends will use that IP address to join your Steam Palworld Dedicated Server. Simply add that address to the connect section in the Join Multiplayer Game, add the server port at the end (:8211) and hit Connect.

That is it. You now get to enjoy Palworld with friends using your Steam Palworld Dedicated Server. We hope you found this guide useful and were able to follow along.

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