How to Download and Install Journey Map in Minecraft

What will you learn?

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to download and install the Journey Map mod for Minecraft. Keep in mind that this is a mod, therefore, you will need either Forge or Fabric in order to run the JourneyMap mod successfully.

JourneyMap is a mod for Minecraft that provides an in-game map of the player’s surroundings. The map can be viewed in a web browser, and can also be configured to show the player’s location, nearby mobs, and other information. Additionally, JourneyMap allows players to set waypoints, which can be used to mark important locations or to navigate to a specific point in the game. The mod is available for both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.


Step 1

Click the button on the right labeled as JourneyMap to redirect you to the JourneyMap download website.

Step 2

Now select which version or instance of the JourneyMap Mod you want to download. For this tutorial we will be using the Forge instance and the Minecraft 1.19.3 version, which at the moment of making this guide is the newest one, however, feel free to use the version you desire.

Note that it is a requirement that you either have Fabric or Forge installed, fortunately we have guides on how to do so, just click either of the names and you will be redirected.

JourneyMap mod in

After you click the download button, you should see the download start automatically after five seconds.

jar file downloaded

Step 3

Go ahead and drag and drop the JourneyMap mod file to your desktop.

You can also find the jar file in your downloads folder using the file explorer.

JourneyMap Mod file in the desktop

Step 4

Go ahead and open your Minecraft launcher and select the Installations’ menu right on top in the launcher next to the Play and Skins Menu.

Minecraft Launcher Installations menu

Once in here go ahead and click the folder icon right next to your Forge or Fabric installation, remember, we are using the forge version for this tutorial.

Forge instance folder inside the Launcher

Step 5

Once the forge instance folder opens, you should see a lot of other folders and files in here. You are looking for a folder named “mods”, if this folder does not exist, go ahead and create a folder named “mods”

You can create a new folder by pressing Right Click>New>Folder.

Mods folder inside the Forge instance of Minecraft

Step 6

Go ahead and drag and drop the JourneyMap Mod file inside the mods folder that we located or created inside the forge or fabric instance of Minecraft.

JourneyMap moved from desktop to mods folder

Now go ahead and close this folder and open the Forge or Fabric instance of the game that we added the mod to, in this case, is forge.

Forge instance back in the Minecraft Launcher

Step 7

Once the game opens, check that you have at least 3 mods loaded on the bottom left if you are using forge like us.

Then go ahead and click where it says mods.

Forge Instance of Minecraft

Explore between your mods until you find the JourneyMap mod, if the mod shows it means you have successfully installed the JourneyMap mod in Minecraft.

JoruneyMap successfully installed

You are now ready to launch your worlds, either Single-player or Multiplayer, are compatible with the JourneyMap Mod.


You have finally installed the JourneyMap mod for Minecraft successfully. Let us know if this guide was useful or how we can improve for the next one. Feel free to try other mods from, this is not a sponsored link, it is just our preference of a site we really trust and enjoy.