How to Download and Install Iris Shaders

What will you learn?

In this step by step guide you will learn how to download and install shaders for Minecraft. Installing Iris will allow you to use shaders for Minecraft using Fabric. The good thing about Iris is that it is compatible which a lot of shaders from Optifine.


Step 1

Click the button on the right which will redirect you to Iris Shaders website.

Step 2

Click download now

Iris Official Website

Step 3

Now select the Download Universal Jar which will start the jar file download to install Iris.

Universal Jar for Iris

Step 4

You will need Java 18 learn how to install by clicking here.

Open the installer and select:

Iris & Sodium



And click Install

Installer for Iris

Step 5

Once it reads “installation succeded!” the Iris Shaders are installed and you are ready to launch your minecraft launcher.

Successful Installation


If you follow this step by step guide you now have successfully installed Iris with Sodium in your PC. Now you can add shaders to Minecraft or maybe you choose to change the settings to make the game smoother and increase the FPS it is totally up to you now.

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