How to Download & Install Full Brightness Toggle for Minecraft

Before Installing Full Brightness Toggle

Full Brightness Toggle is a Minecraft mod that will allow you to customize your gamma or contrast to the max with a simple button. This is a client side mod, which means that it will work in servers as well. However, we recommend that when playing on a server, you get permission from admins before using the mod.

You should know that this mod requires the library mod Collective.


Step 1 – How to Download the Full Brightness Toggle Mod

Click the button in the right to be redirected to the Download site for

Full Brightness Toggle.

Once you are in the download website, select the version of Full Brightness Toggle that suits you the best. In this guide we are downloading the most recent version, however, you can download the one you need.

Now click Download File.

Now you will wait five seconds for the download to being automatically.

Once your file has downloaded, you can find it in your downloads tab within your browser or in your downloads’ folder in your PC.

Step 2 – How to Install the Full Brightness Toggle Mod

After we downloaded the mod in the previous step, we are going to launch our Minecraft launcher.

Now choose the mod loader you want to use for this mod, in this case we are going to use the NeoForge mod loader, you can use Fabric, Forge or NeoForge.

Click on the folder icon.

When we open the folder, we have to find the “mods” folder, if the mods’ folder is not there we could create it ourselves. Go ahead and open the folder.

Drag and drop the file we downloaded in the first step into this mods’ folder, keep in mind you also need to add the Collective mod into this folder.

Head back to the Minecraft Launcher and start your mod loader instance to enjoy the Full Brightness Toggle mod.

Congratulations, you now have the Full Brightness Toggle mod working for Minecraft.

FAQs about Full Brightness Toggle Mod

Can I get banned from using Full Brightness Mod in Minecraft?

You could get banned from public servers if you use the Full Brightness Mod without permission from the server owner or a server admin.

Does Full Brightness Toggle work with any mod loader?

You can use the Full Brightness Toggle mod with Fabric, Forge and NeoForge. However, you will also need the Collective mod library to run the mod.

Is Full Brightness safe to download?

Full Brightness Toggle is completely safe to download as long as you are using certified and official sites for downloading the mod.

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