Top 10 Minecraft Gun Mods

Techguns mod No.3 in our list

Dive into the thrilling world of Minecraft with our guide to the top 10 gun mods! These game-changing modifications offer players an arsenal of firepower, transforming the Minecraft experience with everything from classic shotguns to futuristic energy weapons. Perfect for defense, adventure, or multiplayer battles, each mod brings its unique flair and functionality to the game. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a newcomer to the blocky universe, discover how these top 10 gun mods can elevate your gameplay to explosive new heights.

Top 10 Minecraft Gun Mods
10- Guns Without Roses

We want to start this top 10 with Gun Without Roses. The “Guns Without Roses” mod is a sleek addition to Minecraft, introducing an assortment of firearms like pistols, rifles, and shotguns that mesh seamlessly with the game’s aesthetic. It features a practical ammunition system, promoting resource management alongside combat. While it allows for weapon customization and upgrades, its hallmark is the balance it maintains between adding new content and preserving the core Minecraft experience. Compatible with various Minecraft versions and other mods, “Guns Without Roses” is celebrated for its user-friendly design, making it a perfect pick for players looking to diversify their arsenal without overwhelming complexity.

Download Gun Without Roses:

9- Crafting Dead

Dive into the world of Crafting Dead, a standout among Minecraft gun mods, evolved from Ferullo’s pioneering work. Experience intense zombie combat with customizable, competitive-ready guns, and life-saving medical supplies on a dynamic server network, constantly updated with fresh content. Perfect for players craving a deeper, action-packed Minecraft adventure.

Download Crafting Dead:

8- Just Enough Guns

Dive into JEG, a survival-friendly Minecraft gun mod that marries resourceful exploration with the thrill of crafting aesthetically fitting firearms. Offering 12 guns, enchantable for durability, and unique workbenches for crafting, this mod enhances your adventure without overshadowing Minecraft’s essence. With new mobs, ores, and a gun recycling feature, JEG invites players into an evolving world where every resource counts. Perfect for players seeking a balanced, immersive gun play experience in their Minecraft survival journey.

Download Just Enough Guns:

7- Happiness (is a) Warm Gun

Let’s dive into “Happiness (is a) Warm Gun” or HWG for short. Imagine a mod where simplicity meets depth, inspired by classics like Techguns, Team Fortress 2, and Doom. Created for Fabric 1.16+/1.17, HWG spices up Minecraft with an arsenal that’s easy to grasp but rich in gameplay. You’ll start simple – gathering iron, gunpowder, and other basics to craft your initial set of guns at a Gun Table. But here’s where it gets cool: turn a villager into a Gunsmith, and boom, you’ve got access to even more advanced weapons. And the adventure doesn’t stop there. Armed Illagers and eerie Technodemons await, challenging you to fight for superior firepower. Want the cream of the crop in weaponry? You’ll need to explore, battle, and loot like never before. So, gear up and let the quest for the ultimate firearms begin!

Download Happiness (is a) Warm Gun:

6- Timeless and Classics Guns

Explore Timeless and Classics Guns, a Minecraft mod for versions 1.16.5 and 1.18.2, offering richly detailed firearms with extensive customization options. Created by Timeless Squad and NekoCrane, this mod enhances your game with unique animations and the ability to tailor weapons to your style, ensuring a personalized and immersive shooting experience for Minecraft enthusiasts.

Download Timeless and Classics Guns:

5- Vic’s Point Blank

Explore Vic’s Point Blank, a gun mod designed for simplicity and player creativity. Spawned from the minds behind Vic’s Modern Warfare, it emphasizes easy content addition without coding, allowing for quick integration of custom weapons. With around 40 high-quality, animated firearms that feature dynamic accuracy affected by player movement, Point Blank revolutionizes Minecraft gun play. Get started with Blockbench and Geckolib for hassle-free gun creation, making it a dream mod for enthusiasts and creators alike.

Download Vic’s Point Blank:

4- BlockFront – Historic Guns & Warfare

BlockFront – Historic Guns & Warfare, is probably one of the most immersive mods in this list. Not only does it add guns, but it also adds vehicles, maps, and a lot of fun to Minecraft.

Engage in authentic WWII warfare through missions, campaigns, and both PvE and PvP combat, driving tanks, flying planes, and wielding period-accurate firearms. This mod offers a unique, strategy-rich experience for history buffs and action-seeking players alike, providing an immersive dive into one of history’s most significant periods within Minecraft’s versatile world.

Download BlockFront:

3- Techguns
Techguns Gallery Image in CurseForge

Techguns mod elevates Minecraft’s combat dynamics by introducing an arsenal of sophisticated firearms and defensive gear, alongside new mobs and intriguing structures. From handguns and energy weapons to advanced armor, this mod blends realism with fantasy, offering players a more immersive and thrilling gameplay experience. Enhanced shooting mechanics, such as recoil and reloading, add a layer of realism, while the addition of new hostile mobs and NPCs equipped with these advanced weapons presents fresh challenges.

Download Techguns:

2- MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod

MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod is a popular Minecraft modification that introduces a range of firearms into the game, maintaining the iconic blocky aesthetic. Designed for simplicity and fun, it includes various weapons like pistols, shotguns, and rifles, each with unique animations and sounds. This mod stands out for its user-friendly approach, allowing players to easily access and enjoy new combat mechanics without overwhelming complexity. With regular updates and a strong community support, MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod remains a favorite among players looking to add an exciting dimension to their Minecraft adventures.

Download MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod:

1- Modern Warfare Cubed
Modern Warfare Cubed Media from CurseForge Gallery

Modern Warfare Cubed, an expansion of Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod, elevates Minecraft’s combat with a vast selection of realistic modern weapons, including rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Conveniently, this mod offers deep weapon customization through attachments and modifications, enhancing accuracy, rate of fire, and more. Unique to this mod are deployable cameras for strategic gameplay, adding a layer of innovation. Perfect for players seeking a more immersive and tactical Minecraft experience with state-of-the-art weaponry and gear.

Download Modern Warfare Cubed:


That wraps up our guide to the top 10 Minecraft gun mods, each promising to revolutionize your gameplay with everything from simple enhancements to complex warfare simulations. Whether you’re enhancing your game with the realism of Modern Warfare Cubed or enjoying the straightforward charm of Guns Without Roses, these mods offer endless opportunities for excitement and challenge. As you venture back into the vast world of Minecraft, armed with new knowledge and firepower, remember that the perfect mod can elevate your gaming experience to extraordinary new heights. In conclusion, happy modding, and may your Minecraft adventures be more thrilling than ever!

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