Texture Packs you should try in Minecraft

Here is a list of some Texture/Resource Packs we believe you should try in Minecraft. These texture packs will work for Minecraft 1.21, 1.20.6, 1.20+, 1.19+, and many other versions of Minecraft.

The following texture packs are not placed in a particular order, feel free to try them out and see which one ranks best for you.

Dark Mode Texture Pack

The Dark Mode texture pack, created by Fabian Brendli (nebuIr), introduces a sleek dark theme to Minecraft’s GUI while preserving the game’s original vanilla textures, offering a minimalist and clean aesthetic. It supports over 100 mods for extensive compatibility and can be combined with other packs for a personalized experience.

Vanilla Minecraft vs Dark Mode Texture Pack
Download Dark Mode Texture Pack:



Bare Bones Texture Pack

The Bare Bones texture pack, created by RobotPants, simplifies Minecraft’s visuals to their most basic forms, offering a clean and minimalist look, like the one you see in Minecraft Trailers. This vibrant pack strips down default textures to their ‘bare bones,’ providing a colorful and clutter-free aesthetic. Ideal for players seeking a straightforward visual overhaul, Bare Bones transforms Minecraft into a sleek and engaging experience.

Vanilla Minecraft vs Bare Bones Texture Pack
Download Bare Bones Texture Pack:


Prime’s HD Texture Pack

Prime’s HD Textures is a resource pack that significantly enhances Minecraft’s visuals by offering resolutions up to 512x and supporting PBR for shaders. The 32x version is free, while higher resolutions are available on Patreon. Unlike many detailed adventure packs that can appear muddy, Prime’s HD Textures makes colors pop with a charming, cartoon-like smoothness and vibrancy. The textures provide a cleaner, softer, and smoother appearance, akin to a hand-painted watercolor aesthetic, transforming Minecraft into a visually striking experience​

Vanilla Minecraft vs Prime’s HD Texture Pack
Download Prime’s HD Texture


Faithful 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x, Texture Pack

Faithful texture pack enhances Minecraft’s default look by adding a cleaner, higher-quality cartoonish style while keeping the game’s iconic charm intact. This pack makes the blocks and mobs easily recognizable, with improved textures that are more vibrant and polished, resembling pages from a comic book. Ideal for players who appreciate colorful, playful art styles, Faithful retains the original color scheme of Minecraft but elevates the visual experience with its detailed, high-resolution textures.

Vanilla Minecraft vs Faithful Texture Pack
Download the Faithful Texture Pack:

Official Page

John Smith Legacy Texture Pack

John Smith Legacy is a resource pack for Minecraft that retains the traditional rough style of the original John Smith textures, offering a medieval and rustic aesthetic. Created and maintained by the JimStoneCraft team, the pack is available for both Java and Bedrock editions and supports a variety of mods and features, including OptiFine. The pack is known for its detailed and immersive textures, ideal for players who enjoy a medieval and fantasy-themed gameplay experience. Additionally, a smoother JimStoneCraft Edition is available, featuring personal tweaks for a refined look, making John Smith Legacy a versatile choice for enhancing Minecraft visuals.

Vanilla Minecraft vs John Smith Legacy Texture Pack
Download the John Smith Legacy Texture Pack:

Official Page

Faithless Texture Packs

Vanilla Minecraft vs Faithless Texture Pack

Faithless is a texture pack that aims to overhaul Minecraft while maintaining the vanilla experience, providing an animated and nostalgic feel with references to iconic YouTubers and classic animations. It strives for accessibility, accommodating players with partial and full colorblindness, arachnophobia, trypophobia, hearing impairments, and dyslexia. By giving nearly everything a unique texture, Faithless enhances differentiation for visually impaired players, ensuring an inclusive gaming experience for all​.

Download the Faithless Texture Pack:



Well, there you have it, these are some of the best Minecraft texture packs we thought you should try. The packs are not in any particular order, you can rank them depending on your game style!