Minecraft 1.20.5 Update: What’s New?

Credits: Minecraft.net

Minecraft fans, rejoice! Mojang’s latest update, Minecraft 1.20.5, dubbed the “Armored Paws” drop, is now live, bringing a host of exciting new features that enrich the gameplay experience. Let’s dive into what this update offers, focusing on the adorable new mob, the armadillo, enhanced wolf variants, and the introduction of wolf armor, among other technical improvements and changes.

Introducing the Armadillo

The standout addition in Minecraft 1.20.5 is the armadillo, a new passive mob that has captured the hearts of players. Voted in by the community, the armadillo adds a playful new dynamic to the Savanna and Badlands biomes. With 12 hearts of health, these creatures are not just cute, but also resilient. Armadillos drop “armadillo scutes,” which can be collected either through natural shedding every 5 to 10 minutes or more quickly by using a brush. These scutes are crucial for crafting the new wolf armor, but remember, armadillos cannot be killed for loot, so keep them safe!

Wolf Armor and Variants

Credits: Shulkercraft

Wolf armor is another thrilling feature of this update. This new armor, crafted from armadillo scutes, offers significant protection for your canine friends, with an armor value of 11 points. The armor can be dyed in various colors, and further customization is possible by layering different dyes for unique shades. When the armor starts showing wear, you can repair it using additional scutes.

Alongside the armor, Minecraft 1.20.5 introduces nine new wolf variants, each adapted to specific biomes, making the discovery and taming of these creatures a more engaging aspect of the game. From the Pale Wolf of the Taiga biome to the Spotted Wolf of the Savanna Plateau, each variant offers a fresh aesthetic and challenge.

Technical Enhancements and UI Updates

The “Armored Paws” update isn’t just about new creatures and gear; it also includes significant technical improvements. A major change is the adjustment to spawn chunks, which are now configurable and reduced in default size, greatly enhancing game performance. Additionally, the update offers a revamped UI with a cleaner, more modern look, maintaining the classic Minecraft feel while streamlining visuals.

Gameplay and Accessibility Improvements

Other gameplay enhancements include updated mob behaviors, like the armadillo’s defense mechanism, and the increased health and healing rates for tamed wolves, showing Mojang’s focus on balancing and enriching player interactions with game entities. New advancements such as “Isn’t It Scute?” and “Shear Brilliance” add objectives and rewards linked to the new features.

Accessibility has also been improved with options to adjust the strength of the UI’s background blur, making the game more comfortable for all players. The introduction of a configurable blur strength is a thoughtful addition for players sensitive to screen movement and visuals.


Minecraft 1.20.5 is a substantial update that broadens the game’s horizons with its introduction of new mobs, armor, and significant technical enhancements. Whether you’re brushing scutes off an armadillo or exploring new wolf variants, this update promises to bring fresh adventures and fun to your Minecraft world. Grab your friends, start a server, and dive into the “Armored Paws” drop—adventure awaits!

For detailed information on all the changes, be sure to check the full changelog included with the update. Happy mining, and remember to keep those armadillos rolling!