How to use Samsung Odyssey G9 as Two Monitors / Split-screen

About using the Samsung Odyssey G9 as two monitors

As beautiful as this monitor might be at its full extent. Many people prefer having two screens rather than one single giant screen. Some other might need to split the screen in half for purposes like streaming, screen recording or maybe working.

In this guide, we are going to teach you how to split screen and turn into two different monitors your Samsung Odyssey G9.

Step 1 – Connecting two input cables

Just like using two different monitors, turning your G9 into two screens requires you to connect two input cables, preferably you want to use two DP cables.

Make sure you are using two cables as input from your graphics card or two different computers to your G9 monitor.

Samsung Odyssey G9 back pannel

Step 2 – Using your Samsung Odyssey G9 as two screens

Now is time to set up your monitor as two screens.

Press the control button on your Samsung monitor. (Located on the right side, close to the center of the monitor)

This will open the monitors’ menu, move the button to the right to hover over the PIP/PBP settings.

Click the PIP/PBP settings in the G9 menu.

Now flip the PIP/PBP mode from off to On.

Now you should see your Samsung Odyssey G9 turn into two different screens. You might have to change your screen settings within your computer to make the resolution fit your needs.

We found that increasing both monitors’ resolution to 125% works the best for us.

You can also access the PIP/PBP menu to either turn off the Samsung Odyssey G9 split screen feature, or to change the settings like the Mode Type, which will let you play with the size of the two split screens.

That is it, you now get two enjoy your high-end Samsung Odyssey G9 as two different monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use two different computers with the same monitor?

Yes, you can use two different computers, TVs, consoles, or anything that sends a video signal with the Samsung Odyssey G9, since it allows multiple inputs and it has built in PIP.

Does using the Samsung Odyssey G9 as two monitors affect the FPS?

Using the Samsung Odyssey G9 as two different monitors will definitely impact your FPS. Not only will your GPU if using a single computer have to handle more working sending two different images, but the monitor itself limits the refresh rate of both screens to 120hz.

Can I split the Samsung Odyssey G9 screen without two inputs?

There are ways of splitting your monitor without using two different inputs. However, these ways will require extra software products to allow you to split your screen without using two cables.

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