How to Play Minecraft Alpha in 2024

Before Playing Minecraft Alpha in 2024

In this guide we are going to teach you how to play Minecraft Alpha, or even the Beta of Minecraft if you prefer so, in 2024.

Personally, I really enjoy playing this old version of Minecraft, with such a different game mechanic. The pixels may be a bit larger, and the features a tad more limited, but the memories waiting to be unearthed are as vivid as ever. Let’s dive into the past and resurrect Minecraft Alpha in all its retro glory.

Step 1 – How to Enable Historical Versions of Minecraft in the Minecraft Launcher

First, in order to install Minecraft Alpha, we are going to launch our regular Minecraft Launcher in you don’t have your Minecraft Launcher, you can get it here.

Once you opened your Minecraft Launcher, click the settings button in the bottom right of the launcher.

Now select the option that reads “Show historical versions of Minecraft Java Edition in the Launcher”

Head back to your Minecraft Java Edition by clicking on it in the top left of the launcher.

Step 2 – How to Install Minecraft Alpha in 2024

After we allowed Historical Versions to show in our Minecraft Launcher in the previous step. We are going to head over to our Installations tab in our Minecraft Launcher.

Click the “New Installation” button.

Now in the version area, click the drop-down arrow.

Scroll down until you find the Alpha or Beta version of Minecraft and select the one you want.

We recommend you use the old_alpha a1.2.6 if you want a full play through of Minecraft where you can actually do a couple of things in the game.

You can name this Installation however you want. We recommend that you give it a different icon to differentiate it, from your other Minecraft instances.

Now click create in the bottom right.

To launch Minecraft Alpha, all we have to do now is click the instance we just created.

You might see a prompt that says: “I understand the risks.” Click this prompt and click Play.

Enjoy, you now have the Alpha version of Minecraft.

You are now ready to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of playing Minecraft Alpha.

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