How to Download & Install PrizmaRTX for Minecraft Bedrock

Before Installing PrizmaRTX Shaders

When installing PrizmaRTX, first, we need to meet some requirements. We need:
Ray Tracing capable graphics card (Nvidia RTX 20/30+ or AMD RX 6000+) 
Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10/11 (1.16.200+)


Step 1 – How to Download PrizmaRTX Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock

Click the button on the right to be redirected to the PrizmaRTX shaders download site.

Once in the download website for PrizmaRTX, we are going to scroll down and click the most recent version of the shaders. (See image below for reference)

Now go ahead and click the green link in the following page.

You will now be presented with a MediaFire page, where you are going to click Download for the PrizmaRTX file.

After the download has finished you should now see the PrizmaRTX.mcpack file within your recent downloads.

Step 2 – How to Install PrizmaRTX Shaders for Minecraft Bedrock

Go ahead and double click the file we downloaded in the previous step.

This will open Minecraft Bedrock, click the settings tab.

Click Global Resources.

Now select the “My Packs” option.

Select PrizmaRTX and click the “Activate” option.

Now you can see the PrizmaRTX within the Active tab, you can always deactivate it from there if you do not want to use it in-game.

Head back into a game and you can now enjoy the PrizmaRTX shaders in Minecraft Bedrock.

That is it, you now have shaders in Minecraft Bedrock.

FAQs about PrizmaRTX
Can I use shaders for Minecraft in consoles?

As of now there is no ways of using shaders for Minecraft in consoles. Even though Minecraft Bedrock is a crossplatform game, you can only use shaders when playing on PC.

Is PrizmaRTX the same as LumenRTX?

The project of LumenRTX seems to have changed name to PrizmaRTX, but it still looks to be the same project.

Do I need a Ray Tracing enabled GPU to play with shaders in Minecraft Bedrock?

As of now, yes, you need a graphics card with Ray Tracing to be able to run shaders in Minecraft Bedrock in PC.

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