How to Download & Install WinRAR

Are you trying to download and install WinRAR?

Well, you have reached the right article. We are going to teach you how to install WinRAR in your device in a very simple way. This guide will cover how to download WinRAR for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and/or FreeBSD.

WinRAR for Desktop

Step 1 – How to download WinRAR on Desktop

Click the button on the right labeled as Download, which will redirect you to the WinRAR download website.

Now we have multiple options to select before we download WinRAR, for example, we can select Language, Version, Platform or Architecture.

It is crucial that we select the right architecture if you are installing WinRAR for Windows.

If you don’t know what is your Windows architecture, simply head over to “My PC” and right click an empty space and select “properties”.

Now that we know our architecture, either 32-bit or 64-bit, we can continue with the download of WinRAR.

Go back to the website and click Architecture

Select the proper bits.

Once you selected the proper architecture, click download on the most recent file.

Step 2 – How to Install WinRAR on Desktop

Now open the file we just downloaded in order to install WinRAR

Now Click Install within the WinRAR installation menu, then click OK.

After a couple seconds, WinRAR should be fully installed, and you just need to click “Done”

FAQs about Installing WinRAR
  1. What is WinRAR? WinRAR is a popular file compression and decompression software that supports various archive formats, including RAR and ZIP.
  2. How can I download WinRAR? Besides using this guide, you can download WinRAR from the official website or other reputable software distribution platforms. Ensure you choose the correct version for your operating system.
  3. Is WinRAR free? WinRAR offers a trial version that prompts you to purchase after the trial period, but it continues to function with a reminder message. There’s also a completely free version, known as RAR for Android.
  4. How do I install WinRAR? After downloading, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. You can choose the destination folder and file associations during installation.
  5. Can WinRAR open ZIP files? Yes, WinRAR can open and extract ZIP files in addition to RAR files and other supported formats.
  6. Is WinRAR safe to use? Yes, if downloaded from the official website or a reputable source. Always be cautious of downloading software from unverified websites.
  7. How do I create a RAR file with WinRAR? Right-click on the file or folder you want to compress, select “Add to archive,” and choose RAR as the archive format.
  8. Does WinRAR work on Mac or Linux? WinRAR is primarily for Windows, but there’s a command-line version called RAR for Linux and macOS.
  9. What’s the difference between WinRAR 32-bit and 64-bit? The 64-bit version is for 64-bit systems and can utilize more memory, potentially working faster than the 32-bit version, which is for 32-bit systems.
  10. How can I buy a WinRAR license? You can purchase a license through the official WinRAR website, which offers various payment methods.